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How We Got Started

After running an FBO in Southwest Ohio for over 10 years, we finally realized what our real passions were: flying and camping. We couldn't find any other stores that married our two favorite things, so The Outdoor Pilot was born.

So, what is The Outdoor Pilot?

The Outdoor Pilot is someone who has a love for nature that rivals their love for aviation. They would rather touch down onto a secluded grass strip than deal with high volumes of traffic and constant radio chatter. They come to enjoy the beauty of nature as it was intended, and the challenge that is constantly set before them. They come, they go, they enjoy; leaving no trace or evidence they were ever there. Onward they climb to the next challenge, or the next adventure, never stopping long enough to let life pass them by. is a place where every Outdoor Pilot can go to stock up for their next adventure. Whether you need a new way to hydrate, a new way to heat your food, or a sectional chart that can stand anything that Mother Nature can throw at it, we have it, in a form that is light, compact, and aviation friendly.

The next time adventure passes by your hangar door, don’t be limited by size, weight, or distance. Awaken the Outdoor Pilot in you. The Outdoors is calling. How will you answer?